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Propelling busy lives with mindful dietary plans, Komal Patel, a leading dietician known for her personalized approach, was constantly encountered by the lack of truly “clean” on-the-go snacks for her clients. While Komal did believe that the ‘best meals were always cooked with love in your own kitchen’, she also realized an agonizing disconnect between idealism and the practical truth of life. In a world obsessed with speed, healthy options were often buried beneath the load of sugar-laden bars and savories bathed in palm oil. Witnessing her clients’ struggle to find convenient yet nutritious alternative for their hectic schedules, Komal knew she had to take charge and so began the journey of NURAsoi.

As Komal treaded on a satiating path providing perfect recipes using hand-picked ingredients, watching the health of her clients blossom under her personalized guidance was a privilege. Yet, a desire for wider impact lingered.

Enter Chandan Maloo, with his entrepreneurial energy, proficiency in sustainable farming practices and visionary import-export expertise. His belief in Komal’s craft became the energized driving force, “Good job with your clients Komal,” he said, “But what about the masses?” In a moment of inspiration, the two founders realized the potential to merge their expertise.

Chandan’s intrinsic belief to make balanced nutrition accessible to every individual, regardless of background or circumstance at prices that don’t pinch the pocket flowed as undertone of the dream they both shared. Together, they envisioned a world where deliciousness and nutrition co-existed, creating a vibrant celebration with every honest recipe they dole out while showing love towards the planet.

Quenching the thirst of a world that yearns for a healthier tomorrow, NURAsoi’s journey is an inspiration to all. In a landscape that is so firmly cemented with individuals running against the clock, NURAsoi seamlessly weaves itself into their routine, offering delicious, personalized health oriented ecosystem – a testament to the fact that living well doesn’t have to mean giving up on convenience.


Empowering innovation and fostering a robust global ecosystem nourishing vitality for a vibrant life.


Our mission is to create a thriving health community by empowering individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles through personalized resources and expert guidance. Through technology-driven solutions, we aim to reach one million active users within two years, fostering meaningful connections and inspiring positive, lasting changes in global wellness.

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Komal Patel ( Co-Founder)

Chandan Maloo ( Co-Founder)