Summer brings longer days, but for families, it can also mean a shift in routines. Kids are home from school, the scorching heat discourages outings, and the allure of greasy takeout becomes almost irresistible.

Like I promised, I am here with some easy hacks that will help you navigate these changes and keep you & your whole crew cool, healthy and satisfied all summer long because a happy family is a quiet family (at least during snack time)😉

Remember that summer commercial where the sun sucks the energy out of a kid with a giant straw? Yeah, that’s a real feeling, especially when your little ones spend all day bouncing off the walls.

While handing out water bottle to your bub is a drill you are so well-versed with, packing those tupperwares with water packed fruits has been your mantra too all these years! Am I right or am I right?

Let’s face it! Our kids need a little more to boost their stamina and boredom too! Sodium laden take outs, greasy pizzas and fizzy soda bottles may sound super tempting but key lies in conditioning our kids about the ill-effects of junk food versus the goodness of fresh eats.

And trust me you can’t achieve this by getting them to eat the plain dal-rice and chapatis; you got to get them excited about healthy food that’ll fuel their fun and keep them begging for more!

Here are some doable ways you can gain the desired results:

Like they say, a hearty breakfast is key to staying energetic all day but do we like to eat our regular parathas, idlis- dosas on a summer morning? Tropical fruit puddings are light and cool, refreshing your taste buds and body. Plus, they’re loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber – all the goodness you need!

Involve your kids in creating delightful mid-day treats. Make a chia seed-charged mixed fruit salad, layer colorful fruit and yogurt parfaits in jars or try a unique recipe like capsicum toastie made with a rava,  jowar and paneer base. My latest fave this season is curd sandwich, a recipe I have perfected for my son.

Flameless cooking can get the kids’ chef hats stirring up a storm in the kitchen. Hand over some Bhakhris to them and watch them create their own Bhakhri pizzas! Give them green gram and watch them smush them into green hummus & munch down with carrots. What toddlers love making the most is the mango popsicle and trust me it is a hit amongst all age groups.

So while they enjoy prepping these good meals themselves, your mommy-mind can be at ease for you have secretly added  superfoods in their dishes! Try tossing a makhana (the treasure chest of minerals and vitamins) bhel  or a refreshing mango salad with a quinoa twist. These are not just delicious, they are empowering for your little chefs.

Coming to summer drinks; instead of resorting to those sugary drink mixes packed with artificial colors try a traditional recipe that’s stood the test of time – the humble thandai. This refreshing summer drink is packed with natural goodness and keeps you cool from the inside out. It is so versatile that you could create a new version suiting your mood everyday!

Psst… I just had a glass of thandai using almond milk and while being refreshing I know it will keep me going on feeling totally satisfied.

A fresher delight is the Kokum Sherbet becoming everyone’s go-to drink this season. Not just refreshing, but it is filling and full of nutrients you need to keep you mind and body at ease in summer.

For step-wise recipes you could head to my YouTube channel. Sharing link at the footer for you!

Bear in mind. A balanced and holistic approach is key. Include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats in yours and your family’s diet.

By incorporating these tips, you can transform summer into a season of healthy eating habits and family bonding. So, ditch the takeout menus, embrace creativity and make summer a time to nourishing your well-being. A game changer in your life!

Capsicum Toasties:


Healthy Mid-meal snacks:

Tropical Fruit & Chia Pudding:

Mango Salad: