Let’s just forget the tired stereotypes! This Mother’s Day, how about rewriting the narrative. Being a mompreneur isn’t just about juggling a business and kids which we are already a master at. Don’t you agree that motherhood equips us with a unique set of skills that make us a force to be reckoned with in the business world?
Most importantly combating tantrums!
So all this while whenever I was questioned, mostly by ladies, how I manage family, kids and work, smeared with traces of doubt and judgement, I would wonder. Yes, there are moments when the questions sting and the load feels heavy. Society loves to tell us we can’t have it all; that motherhood clips our wings. But here’s the truth, motherhood fuels my flight! It’s the wind beneath my wings, the fire in my belly. It’s because of my children, with the support of my family, that I’ve been able to be where I am at and do what I am passionate about.
I have an analogy that might help you reconsider your decisions of giving in or living a life you always dreamt of:
The fact that kids throw tantrums, deadlines loom and sometimes the laundry never lets you ace your game, you learn the art of bouncing back, stronger and more determined than ever. This resilience is a superpower in the face of business challenges that are never ending and crop up repeatedly.
Between nap schedules, cricket practice and school examinations, you’ve become a ninja of prioritizing. You know how to identify what’s truly important and how to get things done mostly faced by a lot of pressure.
We all know whom those science projects are actually targeted at! Most mother’s are clueless as to where all the creativity kicks in from when they are to sit late nights sticking papers together, sewing and stapling to create those models for their kids!
Ask a mom how she hides veggies in that beautifully carved animal shaped snack or blend them in a theme based nutritious drink! A mom’s ability to think creatively and find solutions on the fly is invaluable for tackling business hurdles.
If you ask me, motherhood is a crash course in understanding emotions. You can anticipate needs, diffuse tantrums and build strong connections. These skills translate beautifully into building relationships with clients, colleagues and even investors.
This Mother’s Day, celebrate all the ways motherhood makes you a powerhouse. Don’t let anyone clip your wings, embrace the superhero cape you’ve already earned. The world needs your unique blend of passion, grit, and heart. So keep soaring, Mompreneur, you’ve got this!

Article also available on The Daily Guardian