In a world that is constantly humming with headlines and breaking events, there’s a silent crisis that needs our urgent attention. It’s malnutrition, a hidden enemy that affects millions, often slipping under the radar. Malnutrition often stems from food insecurity and unsustainable agricultural practices. Inefficient food production and distribution chains deplete resources like water, land, and soil fertility.

First things first, what is malnutrition?

More often than not the term ‘malnutrition’ is mistaken as lack of nutrients whereas even overconsumption of them has recently been identified by The World Health Organisation as its form owing to the detrimental effect overnutrition (or obesity) has on human health. Malnutrition also encompasses toxicity arising from excessive intake of certain essential micronutrients.

NURAsoi identifies with this critical challenge that the new world faces and follows ethical and sustainable practices to source its ingredients, ensuring its commitment to creating a clean food chain. Diligent efforts are being made in order to provide balanced nutrition to all through a robust distribution system.