Child health and sustainability converge on a common path, leading to a thriving future. Investing in children’s health builds a stronger foundation for healthy communities. Nutritious choices today pave the way for a future where communities flourish and the planet thrives.

At NURAsoi we adhere to age-old recipes that are time tested for their benefits; ensure to use ingredients that are kind-to-children’s-health like millets, jowar, bajra while keeping their taste buds engaged with the newness of varying modern flavours.

We revere transparency as our core value. By clearly stating what we offer, we enable parents to make informed choices for their children. We believe that our battle in fighting an ecosystem that currently thrives on the prevalence of unhealthy food alternatives is half won if we are able to condition young minds towards acquiring healthy food habits. This feat, we achieve by organising workshops for children from varying strata of the society and informing them about the reliable hidden gems in their kitchens to beat those mid-meal munching cravings.

At the same time, we deem it necessary to sensitize children towards the importance of strong nutritional foundation to build a future of vigour and vitality for themselves as well as the planet.